Monday, March 20, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge - You Win Some, You Lose Some

It's the March Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

     I woke up a little sad today because I fell short of a meet the March Slice of Life Story Challenge by writing all 31 days in March.  I missed posting a Slice of Life yesterday.  I almost decided to give up for the rest of the month and forget the whole thing today, but then I realized that I've been encouraging my students to keep writing, even if they miss a day.  Many of them are tempted to call it quits if that happens, and after missing yesterday and the disappointment I felt, I can completely understand why.  I'll tell them, however, that despite that feeling, it's important to keep writing.  Besides, it's the first day of spring, symbolizing new life and renewal, right?

     Looking back on yesterday, though, I have to laugh.  The day was PACKED. I started early and never stopped.  When did I think I was going to write and post?!  Unfortunately, I didn't write ahead or have any posts saved - I was writing each day as I went.  Well, I achieved one goal while messing up another.  Here was my day:

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6:45 am - Got up to go to Cyclebar for the 8:00 am class.  I wrote about Cyclebar in this post.  I started cycle classes in August.  During the class, they put up your stats several times so that you can see your rank.  Your rank is determined by your RPMs and gear number.  This appeals to my competitive side, and I made it my goal to rank #1 at some point.  Yesterday, I did it!  There were 30 people in the class, and I rode 23 miles in 50 minutes.  Goal achieved!

11:15 am - Went to church services with Katie, who spent the weekend at home since it was the end of her spring break.  Said goodbye afterward as she headed back to OSU.

12:15 - Adult Education Committee meeting following church service (I've served on this committee at church for years, helping to plan classes for the adults of our congregation).

2:00 - Picked up lunch for Ed and me at Chipotle.

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3:00 - Went to the book club I started with former students - they're 8th graders now.  It was a small group this month, but we still had fun!

4:30 - My friend, Jill, picked me up for dinner with Megan before going to Playhouse in the Park to see "Jane Eyre".

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7:00 - "Jane Eyre"

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9:30 - Enjoyed drinks and live music at  Mt. Adams bar called "The Blind Lemon" after the show.

Midnight - finally got home, and too late to post.  Goal missed.  You win some, you lose some.


  1. Holy Cow. No wonder you missed posting:) I am happy, though, that you've posted today and will keep going. And, that you will share this with your kids. It's so important that they know you just pick yourself up and start over!

  2. So glad to hear that you did not give up! You are setting a great example for your students! Thank you for sharing your post!

  3. Keep pedaling, friend. What a day! I think you may need another weekend to rest up from your weekend. I totally understand since I'm not one of those slicers who ever writes ahead. I love seeing your the pic of your book club with former students.

  4. I thought I was busy this weekend. What a packed day! Full of fun, friends, family, and faith. I'm glad you didn't give up. Your slicing has been a way for me to connect with you again.

  5. Good for you for pushing forward! Sometimes we miss a day. It's what we do the day after that matters. :)