Monday, March 18, 2019

Slice of Life Story Challenge #18 - Bayou Song

Bayou Song:: Creative Explorations of the South Louisiana LandscapeBayou Song:: Creative Explorations of the South Louisiana Landscape by Margaret Simon;Anna Cantrell;Henry Cancienne
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I bought this beautiful little book by Margaret Simon because I know her through blogging and presenting at NCTE, and I know how much she loves the place where she lives, South Louisiana. She is a talented poet. It's the perfect writing workshop companion in that it invites young writers to try out various types of poetic forms and figurative language. There is also an invitation to sketch after each invitation to write. Kids will love learning about the animals, birds, and plants of the bayou as well since there is descriptive information about them throughout. This book can be an integral part of a unit on literary nonfiction as well. It would also be useful for exploring a setting for a fictional narrative or memoir. Or just enjoy it! Beautiful photographs and charming illustrations accompany the text. Highly recommended!

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Writing invitation (Margaret includes these after each of her poems, so this is one of hers): Think of your favorite place in nature.  What is always there for you?  Write a poem using the repeated line, "There is always..."


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There is always
a sunrise
glowing pink and gold above the blackened treeline
behind the back bank
of Landen Lake.

There is always
a pair
of geese floating silently
in the morning,
meditating before dawn.

There is always
a turtle
sunning itself on a rock
slipping surprised into the water
when I walk by.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
I'll let my Mom's watercolor be my invitation to sketch the lake!


  1. Oh I love this! And having seen so many of your beautiful sunrise/sunset pictures, it makes it so much better! Thanks for this invitation: I think I'm going to try this tomorrow about my driveway!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful post. It means so much to me to inspire others to create. Your poem is an invitation to sit with you and enjoy the lake.

  3. There is always room for Margaret's poems, and now yours!