Sunday, March 7, 2021

Slice of Life Story Challenge #7 - Celebrate Bald Eagles


It's time for the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  

My theme for the Challenge is CELEBRATE.

     Five years ago we moved into a condo on Landen Lake after renovating it for a year.  We still pinch ourselves with how fortunate we are to have found it.  It's an end unit and on the corner of the main lake and a little cove, so we get to see water out the back and side of our house.  The back of our house faces the east, so I take many sunrise pictures! It actually feels like we're on vacation most of the time.  It's beautiful in all seasons.  We get to see the trees turn brilliant colors in the fall, the lake frozen over and covered in snow in the winter, the blossoms in the spring, and boats return to their docks in the summer. We have wonderful neighbors who we get to seeing walking, boating, fishing, and relaxing on their decks.  At all times, there are birds flying over: geese, ducks, herons, hawks, gulls, and this year...bald eagles!

     Bald eagles have flown over occasionally before, but this year, we have been blessed by multiple eagles flying over our lake and landing in trees.  We can watch them catch fish and then snack on their treat in the branches.  This afternoon, as I read on the couch, I caught sight of them flying so close and majestically by our back windows multiple times.  They're stunning, and it seems like a gift that they've chosen this lake to frequent.  We don't think their nests are here at this lake, but they must be nearby.

     Today, I celebrate bald eagles!

Pictures taken on my walks around the lake.

An incredible photo taken by my friend, Valerie Casto



  1. They are majestic, aren't they? I am so thankful they have made such a comeback. I will definitely have to take a walk around Landon Lake one of these times soon!

  2. I feel guilty saying this, but bald eagles creep me out. They are huge and scary, despite being majestic. Lol The view from your home sounds incredible though!