Sunday, March 21, 2021

Slice of Life Story Challenge #21 - Celebrate Houseplants


It's time for the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  

My theme for the Challenge is CELEBRATE.

     I admit it.  I have not been the greatest houseplant mom.  I've always been much better at outdoor plants - I've loved planting flowers, perennials, seasonal planters, trees, etc...OUTSIDE.  I grew up helping with an outdoor garden.  But having an indoor green thumb?!  Nope.  I have NOT been great at keeping houseplants alive.  

     The Christmas cactus you see in the photo above?  My mom gave me a clipping of a generational Christmas cactus.  She inherited my grandmother's plant, and it is a giant, thriving beauty!  Of course, there is sentimental value as well. She offered me some clippings to nurture as my own.  Of course, I wanted to try!  She started a few for me and sent me home with them.  

     I was so excited when they grew roots and seemed healthy enough to plant.  They did well!  In fact, I would say they did really well!  However, as time went by, they started to suffer.  I was paranoid about overwatering them since they are a succulent, and I was warned not to overwater it.  However, I was too stingy with water, and it began to wilt.  Honestly, I was sure I had killed it.  It looked VERY sickly.  After consulting with my mom, she said to give it a good soaking, talk to it (her?) more frequently, and make sure the pot had drainage holes.  I did all three (thanks, Ed, for drilling holes in the pot).  

     I took care of it diligently, and lo and behold, it came back!  We had beautiful red blooms at Christmas, and now it's growing like crazy.  Meanwhile, I've added to my collection!  My daughter's boyfriend, Luke, gave me a snake plant for my birthday, and Katie gave me offshoots of a spider plant. Both my mom and Katie have amazing green thumbs, and I admire their beautiful plants. I've got several succulents that are doing well, and I'm thinking about adding a parlor palm by the front door.  I'm starting to think I can be a houseplant mom after all!  

     Today, I celebrate houseplants!  


  1. It sounds like you are doing great with your plants. I love succulents and keep thinking I need to get some for in the house. Plants give such life to a home.

  2. Holly, hurray for you. I still need work in the indoor plant department. Succulents are such the rage right now. My sister is going to start a plant for me and then I am on my own.

  3. I inherited some house plants from my mom. The Christmas cactus was doing well and bloomed but it doesn't look great. Like you, I wasn't going to take in anymore houseplants but they just happened. I recently killed a succulent by accident. My friend tells me that even the best gardeners lose about 20% of their plants. It's worth a try. (Margaret Simon)