Monday, March 22, 2021

Slice of Life Story Challenge #22 - Celebrate Community Conversations


It's time for the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  

My theme for the Challenge is CELEBRATE.

     Today I was able to join my Community Conversation group for an honest and open conversation about privilege.  Our Community Conversations began earlier in the year as a way to:
  • Lead the transformation of education
  • Continue to develop our community
  • Build collaborative relationships
     Our conversations are a way for us to learn more about social justice, diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity.  We've met several times at this point in the year (there are 10 of us in our group).  I've grown to value each person's contributions, vulnerability, questions, and honesty.  I've learned so much through our hour-long conversations.

     Today's topic was about privilege.  You can read more about our conversation here.  I was excited that the video, article, and challenge featured Frederick Joseph because I'm listening to The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person now.  I love when there are serendipitous moments like this.

     Our discussion was enlightening because we discussed all the aspects of what privilege and parts of our identity mean and how intersectionality affects who we are and how we face the world.  One of the members of our group expressed how recognizing her privilege helps her advocate for those who do not enjoy those privileges and the access they give her.  

     The Allyship Challenge Frederick Joseph asks us to take "is a journey of understanding and action".  The pledge is a commitment people can make to "learn one actionable thing each day to be a better ally to marginalized or disenfranchised people".  Who wants to take it with us?

     Today, I celebrate that our organization has committed to do and be better.

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  1. I read Fredrick Joseph's book back in January, and boy howdy was it a conversation starter. I appreciated your reflections on the issues surrounding privilege, and I think it's amazing you have found a community that welcomes and encourages these courageous discussions. Serendipitous moments are the best!