Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Slice of Life Story Challenge #24 - Celebrate #CincyNoogaSlowRead


It's time for the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  

My theme for the Challenge is CELEBRATE.

     I am a reader.  What could be better than a group of fellow readers sharing a space, reading books together, and then book-talking?!  I was introduced to #CincySlowRead several years ago by Tanny McGregor.  If you have the privilege of knowing who Tanny is, then you have been blessed with her generous spirit, her creativity, her love of storytelling, and her wonderful literacy books.  Her contributions to education have been countless.  She wanted to create a space for Cincinnati educators to share books, so #CincySlowRead was born.

     When I first started going to #CincySlowRead events, it was at the Mariemont Inn, a Tudor-style hotel and restaurant with a cozy, warm atmosphere and comfy lobby furniture in the quaint town of Mariemont, Ohio in Cincinnati.  My friend, former colleague, and Shirley to my Laverne, Megan Ginther and I would have dinner and wine and then join the book group for the evening.

    Covid, of course, changed things, but didn't stop them.  Tanny still hosted #CincySlowReads, but in a different way.  We met virtually!  We'd have beginning introductions, and then everyone could choose to turn off their cameras if they wished, or leave them on if they wanted, settle in a comfy spot to read, and then about an hour later, we would book talk!  Of course, my to-read list would grow!

     I couldn't always attend in person or virtually and have probably missed more than I attended, but each one I've gotten to attend has been a treat!

     Tonight, it was a joint event!  Cincinnati joined with Chatanooga educators/readers/writers for a #CincyNoogaSlowRead!  How delightful it was to meet another group who holds regular #SlowReads!  I was also thrilled to see Louise Borden, who, when we had regular in person literacy conferences, I always got to see!  Her stories and love of learning always inspire me.  Her book, Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens, was a favorite in my girls' library when they were little, and when I got to meet her and even visit her writing studio one time, it was surreal!!

     So thank you, Tanny and Jessica Holloway, for hosting a joint #SlowRead!  What a wonderful evening!  As several educators said tonight when sharing book titles, we need self care and a respite from the hard stuff this year.  This event provided us some much-needed rest and joy!

     Today, I celebrate #CincyNoogaSlowRead!

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